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  JOB FAIR 2022 



The Sangguniang Kabataan Federation in partnership with the City Youth Development Council, with the support of the City Government of Maasin, successfully held the Linggo ng Kabataan 2022 Culmination Program thru the Pasundajag sa mga Kabatan-onan "Literary Musical Contest”.
This was made possible thru the efforts of Hon. Shane Valerie Roa – SK Federation President, Ray John Hatayna – Youth Development Officer III and Hon. Reynaldo “Coble” Abris – Brgy. Kagawad as the director.
Congratulations to the following winners:
🏆Neo – Ethnic Dance Contest – District 7
🏆Balitaw Contest – District 9
🏆Balak Contest – District 4
🏆Kuratsa Dance Contest – District 7
🏆Vocal Solo Contest – District 6
🏆Christian Folkdance Contest – District 6
🏆Vocal Duet Contest – District 6
🏆Pop Dance Contest – District 6